zondag 31 mei 2009

Artdeco piece of furniture decorated with a fossil. Already SOLD.

Customized Versace jeans size 36, made into a long skirt( very long actually) available for 90 euros.
Shirt homemade from red sheets, reaches to size 38(european) available for 60 euros.
A lot of handmade flowers put together in this hat. already SOLD.
Bikini handmade from rest material, already SOLD
Fakefur bag made with lose pieces, lining from 70's velvet, fournitures old YSL and Versace stuff. already SOLD
Chain made from green pearls (old 50's necklace) and stuff found on fleamarket. available for 20 euros. SOLD
homemade hat made from wool and cotton donated by old ladies who kept it by there side for several years, alread SOLD