vrijdag 12 juni 2009



 Short Jacket made from long coat and rest material.Already SOLD

maandag 8 juni 2009

Green handmade hat with silk flower. Already SOLD.
Fisherhat from Portugal lined with silk with knitted necklace, Already SOLD
knitted necklace with emaille ornament. Available for 15 euros.
     Milkglass with mozaick from old broken drinkingmugs. Available for 30 euros. SOLD
Necklace, secondhand beads, glass and plastic. 
Already SOLD.
Several knitted hats, really "iceageproof". only the one on the right is still available, small size, 50 euros.

Skirt made of old Trippertrousers, overknee, size 36 
Available for 50 euros.
Already SOLD.
Knitted hat made of wool and cotton and beads all over, Already SOLD.
Camouflage skirt made from trousers, with ancient indian silk lining and fake fur restmaterial. Already SOLD.

Necklace made from old fabrics and fakefur.
Available for 40 euros. SOLD
Skirt with fixed up 50's petticoat underneath, size 40. Available for 60 euros. SOLD
Bracelets, material: cut out pictures, glitter and old primerpaint.
Available for 12 euros.
Earrings, 15 euros SOLD
Mix of old 50 beads and other ones, plastic flowers.
Available for 20 euro.  SOLD

dinsdag 2 juni 2009

Homemade golden necklace filled with wool with ornaments made of 'seamaterial' filled with cement and other leftovers. Available for 40 euros.  SOLD

maandag 1 juni 2009

Homemade hat, cotton donated 15 years ago by a housewife who bought to much stuff to support her hobby, but she never made anything out of it and she brought me 3 large suitcases full and i am still making stuff out of them. already SOLD
Baseball gymshoes from a sale basket , nobody wanted to buy them anymore, decorated and recolored. mensize 44, available for 30 euros.